The tracking user platform gives you full online visibility for the management of your assets, business resources, customers logistics and maintenance contracts. Quick, easy and user friendly portal showing location and activity of your fleet.

Why Tracking? Telematics ?

Valuable assets like cars are often vulnerable against theft. GPS GPRS tracking devices are installed in the car to prevent thiefs to break into the car of try to steel the car. If the car is moved, the tracking system will allow precise location of it.

Anti Theft Protection

Recovery of stolen assets : One of the first applications of GPS tracking was protection against theft. Tracking devices will allow you to prevent unauthorized access & locate your asset if it's stolen. The type of GPS tracker and technology needs to be chosen carefully to avoid any detection of it's presence.

Material handling equipment such as forklifts, telehandlers or construction machines are being monitored by GPS GPRS all day to check the uptime activity of the assets and to drive reports for the invoicing and maintenance activities of your company.

Remote Asset Management

Monitoring remotely the location & activity, like working time of your assets and personnel, will insure an automatic, precise and correct invoicing of your services. This technology can help you achieving an ideal 'Paperless Service Network' where your service engineers can foucs on their jobs and are freed up from administration duties.

Logistics of delicate goods and materials needs to be monitored online to avoid damage during transport. GPS GPRS tracking devices installed on the container will report all kinds of chocs, temperature, light and humidity changes occured during transport.

Temporary Monitoring

Wireless trackers are the best tool to give you immediately full visibility when needed. Some goods, parts or products are very critical in a business process; or they are so delicate and need a special handling during transport. The logistics of these parts can easily be monitored with wireless trackers allowing you to monitor chocs, light, temperature,...aso

Remote Visibility of your Business Data

Telematics will give you an instant dashboard of your business

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